Make a life-saving difference for greyhounds

Apply to foster a greyhound, it’s free and feel good! When you become a Greyhound Guardian, we provide the following: 

  • Ongoing food
  • Bedding
  • Cover any vet bills or medication for your foster greyhound
  • You’ll receive a foster kit full of goodies, including a coat and toys
  • A comprehensive foster guide
  • One-on-one support from our experienced friendly coordinators
  • Access to advice from our certified behaviourist
  • A wonderful welcome into our inclusive community group
  • Weekly opportunities to socialise for both hounds and humans
  • Support from our community should you fall in love  

One of the most exciting aspects of fostering a greyhound is the joy of discovery. Often, we have limited knowledge about these gorgeous gentle dogs when they first enter our program. Each foster greyhound comes with their own personality, and some may require extra time and patience to build trust and win them over. It’s a beautiful process to witness a greyhound’s transformation from a kennel-bound existence to discovering the joys of being a cherished pet in a home environment. As a Greyhound Guardian, you become their guiding light, helping them navigate the unfamiliar, unravelling their unique and individual personalities, and assessing their needs so that we can ensure a bright, forever future in a new home.

We can’t spell ‘Rescue’ without ‘U’

Without dedicated foster carers like you, we may be unable to rescue ex-racing greyhounds from their current situations. Your home temporarily provides an ex-racing greyhound with a safe haven and the opportunity to find their new forever families. Join us in making a difference by fostering a greyhound today. Together, we can save lives and give these amazing dogs the second chance they deserve. Take the first step towards transforming lives by clicking the button below and becoming a foster parent.

When you become a Greyhound Guardian (a superhero foster carer), it’s 100% free and feel good. We provide ongoing food, bedding and cover any vet bills or medication for your foster greyhound. You’ll also receive a foster kit full of goodies, including a coat and toys, a comprehensive foster guide and one-on-one support from our experienced friendly coordinators. As well as advice from our certified behaviourist and you’ll be welcomed into a wonderful, inclusive community and have weekly opportunities to socialise. The best bit? If you decide you’ve fallen in love and you’d like to adopt your foster greyhound, we provide lifetime support.

Our knowledge about the greyhounds that come into our foster care program is often limited, as ex-racing greyhounds have typically never lived in a home as a pet. This adds an element of excitement to the fostering experience and you as the foster parent get to be a part of their journey, uncovering their unique traits and quirks, and playing a vital role in assessing their needs for future placement into a forever home. Fostering a greyhound is a uniquely rewarding experience, because these magnificent gentle dogs have never experienced life in a home before, which means they will reveal their true personalities as they adjust to their new surroundings. Imagine the wonder and curiosity they’ll have as they encounter everyday objects for the first time – televisions, vacuum cleaners, glass doors, and mirrors. Even something as simple as stairs becomes an exciting challenge for a rescue greyhound, and your gentle guidance will help them navigate up and down with confidence. It’s a joy to witness them gradually unwind and adapt to a life as a cherished pet. While being a foster parent may come with challenges, the love and patience you offer these beautiful, gentle creatures will help them blossom and prepare them for their forever homes. Yes, it can be difficult to say goodbye when they find their perfect match, but the satisfaction of knowing you’ve played a vital role in their journey is immeasurable.

The duration of a greyhound’s stay in our foster program can differ, spanning from a few weeks to several months. At Gumtree Greys, we are in search of foster carers who are enthusiastic about rehoming their foster dog in preparation for the next one. By opening your heart and home to a greyhound, you ensure a smooth, comfortable transition as they await their forever homes.

We’re an inclusive animal welfare charity, and we welcome Victorian foster families from all backgrounds, including people living in apartments, on acreage or in residential homes. Part-time, full time workers or retirees and families with children and/or other animals.