Very curious and with a confident and cheeky manner, Eddie will make his own fun when bored – so he will thrive in a home with companions (human or hound). 

Definitely not your average couch potato. If there is something to do, then Eddie is right there, ready to assist, or at least closely supervise. In fact, he’d really prefer whatever you plan to do to be an activity for two.
Eddie is currently in foster care with another male greyhound of a similar age. They get along very well and play when their foster human is home. When their human is at work, both boys snooze the 10 hours he’s gone, maybe popping outside for a pee and a stretch, then back to their beds.

You will find yourself making lots of new friends with extroverted Eddie by your side. He loves people and is very polite with dogs of all sizes. He is an excellent walking companion, described as a “champion on lead” by his foster carer, and he currently enjoys a daily thirty minute stroll. With his supermodel good looks and irresistible speckles, he is sure to draw a crowd of admirers wherever he goes. 

Truly a Melbournian, Eddie is a coffee connoisseur; his foster reports that not even a piping hot cup will deter him, so it is best not to leave your morning brew unattended. 

No cats

No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog

No children under six

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3 years 3 months



Microchip number

956 000 112 966 745

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