Her foster carer describes her as “excitable, curious, and loves pats and attention”, and Lexi certainly has proved herself the life of the party when she graces her adoring fans at the markets, lapping up all the affection and not being shy about letting you know if she hasn’t received enough praise. You will definitely make friends with your neighbours with Lexi by your side, in fact she’s doubled back on walks to say hello to a new human friend!

Although she can be uncertain in a new environment, Lexi takes her confidence from any nearby human (including strangers) and is the best and bravest girl with a few pats and a kind word.

Currently living with another dog, Lexi would happily live as a spoiled only child if she had humans home more often than not. She isn’t much fussed about canine siblings, and looks instead for the company of people.

An active girl, Lexi would do best with a yard to get in her daily zoomies and play, she loves toys and will show off for you if you encourage her. She’s also not afraid to make her own fun, recently deciding a bamboo root from the garden was her new favourite toy and wanting to carry it everywhere (including inside onto her bed!).

No cats or small dogs
No full time workers unless some working from home or there is another dog
No children under six

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4 years



Microchip number

956 000 014 490 383

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