Gumtree Greys 2H Harness


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Introducing our exclusive Double H Harness, designed with the utmost care to provide unmatched security and comfort for your cherished Greyhounds. This remarkable harness is custom-tailored for the graceful and slender Greyhound breed, offering a perfect fit for these elegant dogs.

Engineered with Greyhounds’ unique requirements in mind, our Double H Harness boasts an additional rear strap that ensures a secure and snug fit, even for Greyhounds with deeper chests. Whether your Greyhound tends to be timid, easily startled, or a master escape artist, our harness is the ultimate solution to ensure their safety and comfort during your outdoor adventures. Bid farewell to worries about slipping or discomfort, and grant your Greyhound the confidence to move freely.

What’s more, our Double H Harness is available in three special Gumtree Greys colour combinations, adding a touch of style to your Greyhound’s outings. Choose the perfect combination to match your Greyhound’s personality and make a statement while keeping them secure and comfortable.

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